1748 Nolli Map of Rome 45 x 52.6 Archival Paper AGAZYPKPT

1748 Nolli Map of Rome 45 x 52.6 Archival Paper AGAZYPKPT

Large Format Offset Lithography Print 45 x 52.6Finest reproduction of renowned 1748 New Plan of Rome by Giambattista NolliSeamless archival print at two thirds of original scale and incredible detailPopular amongst discerning urban designers, architects, historians and collectors

This is the finest ever reproduction of the renowned 1748 New Plan of Rome, by Giambattista Nolli. Vastly superior in cartographic detail, size, and quality of remastering to any previous single-sheet print of the Nolli Map, this is a true collector's piece.

A small, dedicated team of award-winning cartographers and architects at the University of Oregon have meticulously removed 18th century printing imperfections and blemishes due to age -- barely noticeable but critical when examined with a trained eye. The digitally remastered map, rendered as a single, uniform document without seams, is the first of its type. Created with 21st century technology, it rigorously honors the cartographic clarity and integrity of the display as drawn manually by Nolli over the course of nearly a decade.

Nolli's 1748 engraving on 12 copper plates was the first accurate map of Rome and a triumph of eighteenth century science and design. Nolli's meticulous, incredibly detailed survey shows city walls, streets, bridges, ancient ruins, gardens, and cultivated fields, as well as thousands of buildings and their interiors. This exhaustive view of the city has never been equaled, and it remains the single most important cartographic document of Rome ever created.

Perfect for the home or office of anyone with sophisticated tastes and a discriminating eye, it is a delight to Rome enthusiasts, historians, architects, and map lovers alike. Beautiful as well as functional, the map works equally well for the modern traveller who wishes to navigate the city as it was in 1748, and still largely remains today. Despite dramatic advances in cartographic technology, no modern single sheet map of the city provides the same level of detail of the Eternal City.

1748 Nolli Map of Rome 45 x 52.6 Archival Paper AGAZYPKPT

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