10.5 Inch Tall Solar Angel Fairy Statue Sitting With Lighted Yellow Bunny NLOGZJKHA

10.5 Inch Tall Solar Angel Fairy Statue Sitting With Lighted Yellow Bunny NLOGZJKHA

Tender glow from little Angels bunny: The soft tender glow from the Angel Fairys bunny gently lighted up the angels face, melting your hearts by the first look.Smart color-changing Fairy wings: Subtle change of color at the Angel Fairys wing complements the tender glow from the little bunny, making a very soothing ambient lighting.No hassle of finding electrical supply: A Crystalline Solar Panel is positioned at the back of the wing to charge up a built-in 600 mAh-AA-Ni-Cad rechargeable battery. Totally no need for power cord connection!Long hours of usage: LED lights can shine brilliantly for 8 hour on Full Charge by the solar panel placed under direct sunlight.Perfect addition to patio and garden for all seasons: Our Angel Fairy with bunny statue is the perfect decoration/gift for all patio and garden throughout all seasons. Get it now and let this Angel Fairy statue warms the hearts of your family and friends with its tender mode of serenity.

Why our buyers love this Gorgeous Miniature Solar Angel Fairy sitting with bunny for their garden decor

Perfect Gift! By Chris on September 11, 2015

"This angel fairy was the absolute perfect gift for my mom! She's the type of person who has everything and doesn't really need anything. She loves to garden and is always looking for the right piece to add to her landscaping. Her eyes completely lit up when she opened her gift, she marched right outside to find the perfect spot for it. This angel is so well made and gives off a beautiful light without being too dim or overpowering. I will absolutely be purchasing an angel for myself!"

Very beautiful angel statue that lights up with delightful colors By Justin Hennings on September 10, 2015

"The angel fairy statue is very detailed in the design which makes it look lifelike. This was a great addition to add in our front garden as it added a lovely welcoming touch. I love when the wings changes through the different colors. When the bunny lights up it's pretty bright which can help compliment other garden ornaments. You can barely see the solar panel on the statue as it is rather small which is great."

Main Benefit

- No Electrical Wiring required
- Little bunny lights up with nice yellow glow and transparent wings changes color automatically when its sensor detects insufficient light in its surrounding.
- Miniature Statue positions itself nicely both on a table top or on the ground
- Perfect gift for family and friends for all occasions

Buy now and let our little Angel Fairy brightens up your lovely home and garden

10.5 Inch Tall Solar Angel Fairy Statue Sitting With Lighted Yellow Bunny NLOGZJKHA

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